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Remo DrumheadsAs the world's drumhead specialist since 1957, Remo has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads to fit every drumming application. The end result of the most advanced technologies in existence, Remo heads have been engineered to meet the diverse needs of drumset players in country, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, Latin, and every other style, while offering exceptional performance capabilities for the specialized needs of players in the marching, concert, and world percussion areas as well. With so many types, weights, and sizes available, Remo enables you to select the perfect head for any drum or playing situation.

To learn more about Remo heads, select the series below.

  • Ambassador™
  • Controlled Sound™
  • Diplomat™
  • Emperor™
  • Fiberskyn® 3
  • Pinstripe™
  • Powerstroke™ 3
  • Powerstroke™ 4

Aquarian DrumheadsWith Aquarian's "Sound Curve" collar design, the bearing edge finds its own spot in the curve. No wrinkles, even with loose tuning. Aquarian drumheads tune fast and easy...every time! SAFE-T-LOC HOOP Patent Pending Due to constant vibration, conventional drumheads all have some degree of slippage inside the hoop which results in de-tuning and lack of resonance and response.  Aquarian's unique "Triple Locking System" provides drummers with previously unheard of advantages in resonance and playability. 

The NEW SAFE-T-LOC hoop along with Aquarian's "Sound Curve" collar design provides easy tuning; great stick response; zero slippage inside the hoop; consistent sound; increased resonance and sensitivity; and the sound that drummers need and deserve.

To learn more about Aquarian Drum Heads, and the right head for your needs, click the series below.

Evans Drumheads GENERA EQ BASS SYSTEM Diverse,versatile, innovative, flexible;your sound can be all of these things with Evans EQ bass drum system. As a player, you understand how your sound has to contour to the style of music your playing. The EQ bass drum system is your avenue to the many different tones and sounds you need. And what's more, with the use of the EQ bass drum system, your capability to fit every situation makes your abilities as a player all the greater! Evan's EQ systems can be mixed and matched to accomodate all playing styles. All EQ batter heads and EQ3 sets include 2 EQ patches.

Resonant Snare Bottoms 200 gauge- Thin, light duty, bright crackley sound 300 gauge- Medium, general purpose, midrange 500 gauge- Heavy, hard-hitting dark, gutty sound.

RESONANT (bottoms) Evans Resonant drumheads are an innovative series of heads developed exclusively for the bottoms of drums. Resonant heads can be used in conjunction with any single or double-ply batter head to provide the bigger, fatter double-headed drum sound that many top recording and touring drummers prefer.

  • Genera G1 Clear
  • Genera G1 Coated Batter
  • Power Center Reverse Dot
  • Genera G2 Clear
  • Genera G2 Coated Batter
  • Genera Batter
  • Genera HD Batter
  • Genera Dry Batter
  • Genera HD Dry Batter
  • Arimid Fiber
  • Genera Resonant
  • Hydrualic Glass Batter
  • Hydraulic Blue or Black Batter
  • Hydraulic Snare Batter
  • Uno 58 Coated Batter
  • Uno 58 Coated Dry Batter
  • ST Batter
  • ST Dry Batter
  • Resonant Clear
  • Resonant Black
  • Hazy 20
  • Hazy 30
  • Hazy 50
  • Glass 20
  • Glass 30
  • Glass 50
  • Evans EQ1 Batter
  • Evans EQ2 Batter
  • Evans EQ3 Batter
  • Evans EQ4 Batter
  • Evans EQ1 Resonant (Ambeint)
  • Evans EQ2 Resonant (Studio)
  • Evans EQ3 Resonant (5" Vent)
  • Evans EQ3 Sets
  • Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping (EMAD) Bass Drumhead
  • Genera G2 Bass Batter 
  • Uno 58 1000 Bass
  • Hydraulic Bass         
  • Retro Screen Black Mesh Front Head
  • Resonant Bass Black or Glass

Click here for tips on tuning your drum heads


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